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David’s Psoriasis Treatment Story

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David's Story | Orlando Pediatric Dermatology
My son David (who is now 13 years old) suffers from psoriasis. He was diagnosed with psoriasis when he was an infant (no more than 5 months old). At that time we saw every doctor and dermatologist there was to see in Orlando. David eventually cleared up, but then at the age of 6 years old, the condition resumed. 

I took David to see a new dermatologist and she cleared him up. In January of 2013, David came in from playing and he was scratching a bit. I thought something had bit him and that in a few days he would be ok. The following week David was inflamed with scaly patches on his arms. Because it was a weekend, I took him to Centra Care. The doctor told me David was blessed with bad skin. He gave us cream to relieve the itching. David cleared up and then he became even more inflamed to where it had spread to his legs. I took David to another dermatologist because she was close to me.  She said she thought he had psoriasis but she was unsure. She performed a biopsy, and gave David some more cream. David become worse and by the second visit his skin was inflamed on his hands and his feet.  After seeing no results, I asked the dermatologist for David’s results and explained to them that I would consult another dermatologist. David had become so inflamed that I took him back to Centra Care and they did what they could for him.

David and I looked at the other dermatologist in the insurance book. We came across Dr. Rico’s name. We followed up with research and checked the website. We checked Facebook for reviews as well.  I called the office, explained the situation, and they told me they didn’t have anything for three weeks.  To me any doctor you have to wait three weeks to see is a good doctor. I confirmed the appointment. David had gotten worse; the condition had covered his neck and was beginning to make walking difficult. He was unable to do anything. After a few weeks we decided to see Dr. Rico’s office. We figured if they saw how bad he looked they maybe could see him sooner. The staff was very kind, and we were able to get in the same day.

We spoke to Dr. Rico; I showed her all the paperwork and medicine that was given for David. She immediately gave David an oral medication instead of a topical one. Dr. Rico’s office was very supportive in helping David to recover. I knew I could call and leave a voicemail and have a response the same day. After a few weeks David improved but due to the condition, it was still difficult for him to walk. Dr. Rico suggested letting him go to the hospital for a few days. David was very resistant, as he had heard bad things about hospitals. Dr. Rico and her staff promised they would come see him, and they did.

Shortly after David was released from the hospital, he was given a walker for support. He was seeing Dr. Rico once a week. David continued to improve to the point where he had no need for the walker or a wheelchair. Given David’s condition and the amount of pain he endured, as a parent I began to think what his life would be like if he was to always to require a walker.  He only used the walker for about a week. Dr. Rico’s office was very supportive throughout David’s recovery process.  Even though David missed a lot of time out of school during his recovery, Dr. Rico and her staff provided the support that was needed for David to make a successful return to school. David currently attends therapy twice a week to help him with his balance. I am very grateful to Dr. Rico and her staff for their kindness and compassion they have shown for David.