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Vascular Anomalies

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A vascular anomaly is a kind of birthmark caused by an abnormality in vascular development. In other words, when blood vessels don’t form properly, vascular anomalies may occur. Sometimes they are present at birth and sometimes not. A vascular anomaly is a defect in the blood vessels, specifically the capillaries, arteries, veins, lymphatics or a combination of these. The two major groups of vascular anomalies include vascular tumors, hemangiomas and vascular malformations.

Causes of Vascular Anomalies

Vascular anomalies occur when the tubes that carry blood or clear body fluid (called lymph) around the body do not develop properly. The vessels may grow after birth as they do in a vascular tumor or they may be misshapen at birth as they are in vascular malformations.

Symptoms of Vascular Anomalies

  • Increased number of vessels
  • Malformed blood vessels
  • Vessels that are large and sinuous
  • Vessels appear blue or red-colored

Treatments for Vascular Anomalies

Vascular Laser

Specific treatments for hemangiomas